Bar Milese was established in Alghero during the inter-war period by Francesco Porcu and his wife, Lillina, who originally came from Milis, a town in the province of Oristano from which the bar takes it name. Initially, they specialised above all in the sale of citrus fruits and Vernaccia, which were the traditional products of their rural area. Vernaccia is a dry white wine made exclusively around Oristano and aged for years in oak barrels before being served at the bar with a type of local sweets called mustaccioli, which are diamond-shaped, as thick as a pizza and just the right size to fit in the palm of your hand.

In 1971, Antonio Gavino Fiori and his wife, Maria, both natives of Sassari, returned from Australia, where they had emigrated years before. They purchased the bar and continued to run the business under the same name. For some considerable time, the bar’s most frequent visitors were the fishermen who, every morning before work, would make their way to the Milese to savour their aniseed or chinato, two liqueurs that were very popular back then, and would be followed by other regulars who would come in at different times of the day to enjoy their quarter-litre of wine as they played cards.

The new management continued to run the business as a bar, changing little about it while seeing sales of their locally made vernaccia soar.

But what has really drawn the crowds to Bar Milese year after year? The answer is the Focaccia del Milese, specially created by Signora Maria, whose wizardry in the kitchen has always met with a rapturous response at the bar. In recognition of her wonderful, authentic culinary masterpiece, Bar Milese was renamed Bar Focacceria Milese, which – ­ thanks also to its commitment to innovation – is renowned as one of the best of its type not just in Alghero but anywhere in Europe.


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