Situated along one of Alghero’s main boulevards, Bar Milese is most certainly a compulsory stop-off point for those taking a passegiata down to the port. The bar is legendary for its famous Sardinian filled focaccias, which – with their unmistakable flavours and aromas – have been delighting the palates of locals and tourists alike since 1971.

So what is this so-called "Focaccia del Milese ®"? Put simply, it’s a large piece of thin bread, more or less rectangular in shape. It is cut into two parts, and one of the halves is then adorned with a layer of sliced fresh tomatoes, a layer of tuna, some hard-boiled eggs chopped into pieces, a few anchovies, a layer of rocket salad, a layer of thinly sliced onions and, last but by no means least, a layer of pancetta (cured belly of pork). All of these layers are seasoned with a special sauce created by Signora Maria, who – to this day ­– makes the sauce herself and keeps its secret secret! This half of the focaccia, laden with all its ingredients, is put back together with the other half to make the filled focaccia, which is promptly cut into equal slices and served as "Focaccia del Milese ®".

The entire preparation process described above is carried out right in front of the customers as they await the arrival of this wonderful all-Italian delight. The bar is currently run by Sonya (the owners’ daughter) and her husband, Giuseppe, who together have enhanced it yet further – modernising the bar and expanding the range of available options by coming up with other types of focaccia made with different ingredients.

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